UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology

Upon successful completion of the BS in Molecular Biology degree program, UT Dallas graduates will be rigorously prepared for scientific careers in molecular and cell biology or careers in the health professions. The Molecular Biology degree program specifically includes biophysics in the multidisciplinary core curriculum to provide the concepts and tools used to study biomolecular structure, in addition to all the required education and training for the B.S. in Biology. Graduates' skills include:

  • Broad knowledge of molecular biology with highly proficient ability to describe and critically and quantitatively analyze the major concepts and empirical findings in modern molecular biology, biochemistry and structural biology
  • Practical knowledge and experience in modern molecular biology research methods with high level ability to define, apply and communicate basic modern molecular biology research methods, including quantitative and qualitative data analysis and interpretation
  • Ability to work in teams in diverse settings
  • Advanced ability to apply critical thinking and quantitative skills to solve complex problems: critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and knowledge of molecular biological principles to analyze and solve problems