UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Master of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching in Mathematics Education is a mathematics content-rich, practitioner-focused program that interweaves research-based STEM education with classroom-focused practicality. Designed with the experienced educator seeking to enhance their practice and leadership skills in mind, the MAT also works closely with the UTeach Dallas STEM teacher preparation program. Novice teachers and STEM degree holders seeking certification increase diversity of perspectives in a collaborative, supportive, hands-on, and dialog-rich environment. Current and future educators in upper elementary and above work together to gain and/or enhance a variety of skills including abilities to:

  • Conduct oral and written communication in the context of mathematics instruction using both traditional and technology-based modalities
  • Apply mathematical content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, education theory, and critical thinking to instructional design and delivery
  • Integrate mathematics and science in a teaching context including appreciation of the dynamic nature of both disciplines
  • Hone critical thinking skills in evaluating and applying mathematics research and education research utilizing the methodologies therein
  • Develop a collaborative/shared learning culture and leadership with students, peers, and professional communities of practice