UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology

An advanced degree in molecular and cell biology allows the degree owners to pursue opportunities in human medical research, plant research, animal research, environmental system research at the molecular, cellular, organism, and ecosystem level. Upon successful completion of the MS in Molecular and Cell Biology degree program, UT Dallas graduates will expand their prior training and education with specialist knowledge and advance their understanding in relevant scientific areas including, but not limited to, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and computational biology. Graduates' skills include:

  • Broad and expansive knowledge of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and computational biology
  • Methodological skills in experimental and computational techniques applied to research questions in biology and biomedicine
  • Ability to work in teams in diverse settings
  • Ability to communicate scientific ideas and concepts in oral and in written form
  • Advanced ability to apply critical thinking and quantitative skills to solve complex problems