Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
Dr. Hobson Wildenthal

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Hobson Wildenthal

Dr. Hobson Wildenthal has served as Executive Vice President and Provost at The University of Texas at Dallas since 1999. He came to UT Dallas in 1992 as Vice President for Academic Affairs and was named Provost in 1994. He is the chief academic officer for the university, providing leadership and services to the academic program, research, and faculty matters.

The deans of eight schools at the university report directly to him, as do the deans of the graduate and undergraduate schools, the director of libraries, and the director of the U.S./Mexico Center and International Study Office. He is responsible for the formulation and implementation of educational policy, acting through the deans and directors, the associate provost and vice provost, where appropriate. The Provost plays a significant role in fund raising and external relations for the university.

A Ph.D. graduate in physics from The University of Kansas at Lawrence, Hobson Wildenthal has devoted most of his academic career on the experimental study of the structure of atomic nuclei and on explicating and predicting the properties of low-lying quantum states of atomic nuclei. The “Wildenthal, et al.” model for these nuclei have been universally employed in interpreting a steadily expanding range of experimental phenomena for the last twenty years, and continue to provide the definite and accurate and comprehensive explanation for nuclear structure in this region.

Prior to UT Dallas, Hobson Wildenthal held various university positions from postdoctoral research to Dean. These universities include The University of New Mexico, Drexel University, Michigan State University, Texas A&M, Rice University, and The University of Kansas. He has been a Fellow of the of the American Physical Society since 1973, and has held visiting positions at Brookhaven, Munich, Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Orsay, Oxford, Los Alamos, Manchester and Sao Paulo. He has been awarded both a Senior U.S. Fellowship from Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and a Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

He has published over 180 articles in journals, over 15 full length reports and conference proceedings, has given more than 20 talks worldwide and has edited two books.