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Faculty Mentoring Events

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New Faculty Orientation

We are excited to welcome you to UTD! In partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), the Provost’s Faculty Mentoring Program coordinates a new faculty orientation series. New Faculty Orientation will occur in three phases:

Phase 1 consists of asynchronous and synchronous (also recorded) sessions on key things new faculty need to know when preparing for fall classes (e.g., course learning management system, syllabi requirements). These are accessible via Microsoft Teams and posted on the CTL faculty resources course in elearning. You will need to have secured a UTD Netid to access these materials and recordings. These start in mid-July and continue to mid-August.

Phase 2 is an in-person, on-campus welcome and orientation session before the start of the fall semester. This session provides opportunities to meet university leaders and interact with other new faculty members.

View the Orientation Meeting Agenda. Registration is required for this event.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help with your transition. You may contact:

Phase 3 includes in-person and synchronous workshops on various topics related to faculty development. These workshops will be held throughout the academic year and are conducted by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Senate Committee on Faculty Mentoring.


Faculty development workshops are offered to ALL faculty throughout the year. These workshops are designed to enable faculty to better understand aspects of their role at UTD, improve skills and capabilities, and, ultimately, take control of their growth at UTD.

Workshops are conducted in multiple formats and include invited speakers and panelists. In-person workshops are held in the Center for Teaching and Learning’s lecture room located in the McDermott Library MC 2.404.

Below are some of the workshop topics offered throughout the year. Please check the calendar with registration links for the schedule.

Teaching Effectiveness Topics

  1. Learning-Centered Teaching Methods
  2. Globalizing the Classroom
  3. Writing in the Disciplines
  4. Syllabus and Curriculum Design
  5. Assessment
  6. Instructional Technology
  7. Issues of Diversity and Inclusion
  8. Learners and Learning
  9. Teaching General Education Outcomes
  10. Classroom Management Techniques
  11. Professional Issues related to teaching

Faculty Career Development Topics

  1. Quick Start to Being a UTD Faculty
  2. Defining Research Productivity
  3. Tips on Grant Funding
  4. Myth Busters: Work-life Balance
  5. Building Research Collaborations
  6. Understanding Tenure and Promotion at UTD
  7. Issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Academia

Networking Opportunities

The Faculty Mentoring Program values networking as a crucial role in your professional success. They allow faculty to meet, connect, and learn from each other. In-person networking can especially help foster a stronger emotional connection to UTD colleagues beyond your departments.

We organize several social events throughout the year to facilitate networking opportunities that include coffee and chat, happy hour, and an end of year celebration.

Registration for these events should be made through the calendar.