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Administrative Change Request Forms

THECB Administrative Change Request Form Word (Updated 11/2015 version)

Administrative changes include the creation of new administrative units (such as departments or new schools) as well as changes to existing administrative units, such as a name change, consolidation of existing units, moving degree programs into another unit, renaming or closing existing degree programs, or a Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code change. These administrative change requests must be submitted using the THECB Notification Form for Administrative Changes (Updated 11/2015 version) or specific Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) forms as notated in specific categories, even if simple revisions are made to the program name, degree designation, or CIP code because they require THECB board staff approval. These types of changes also require approval by The UT System Office of Academic Affairs if they trigger THECB approval and/or notification. The form(s) must be routed through the Provost's Office, Council for Undergraduate Education and Graduate Council as appropriate, Committee on Educational Policy as appropriate, and the Academic Council/Senate as appropriate, depending on the change requested. All requests requiring the Provost’s signature will be routed through the President’s Office; the President will review the forms and memorandums before signing and submitting the appropriate forms to external agencies, including UT System, THECB, and SACSCOC when appropriate. The approval process is outlined for each change requested.

For assistance with any administrative change request, please contact Serenity Rose King, Assistant Provost for Policy and Program Coordination via email or by phone at 972.883.6749.

Change Request Forms to Create or Rename Administrative Units

  • Establish a New School (or College or Division)
  • Establish a New Department
  • Change Existing Department Name: No Impact on Degree Programs
  • Change Existing Department Name: Consolidate / Move Degree Programs

Changes to Existing Degree Programs Forms

Please review the THECB's Guidelines Related to Changes to Existing Programs (2/2012 version) on whether the proposed changes to existing degree programs should be presented as a new degree program.

  • Change Degree or Certificate Program Name or Degree Designation
  • Change Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code
  • Consolidate Degree, Minor, or Certificate Program: School/Department Request
  • Close Degree, Minor, or Certificate Program: School/Department Request
  • Close / Consolidate Degree or Certificate Program: Other
  • Change Degree Program Length for Single Major Degree Programs
  • Change Degree Program Length for Double Major Undergraduate Degree Programs
  • Offer Existing Programs Off-Campus
  • Offer Existing Programs Online
  • Offer Executive Education Version of an Existing Degree Program

  1. Pursuant to school's bylaws.
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