UT Dallas McDermott Scholars

Applying to the Eugene McDermott Scholars Program

3/17/2023: Status notifications will be sent to all applicants at their UT Dallas email address by noon on Saturday, 3/18/2023.

3/13/2023: Please scroll down for information on the selection process timeline.

3/10/2023: The deadline to submit a completed application with two recommendations to the McDermott Scholars Program has passed. We regret that we cannot accept late submissions.

2/24/2023: The deadline for the McDermott Application has been set for Friday, March 10, 2023, at 10:59:59 am CDT. Be sure that your application and two recommendations are submitted in advance of the deadline as the system will stop accepting submissions at that time.

1/13/2023: The deadline for the McDermott application will be set soon; check back for additional updates. We suggest working on your application and recommendations while the eligibility notification process continues.

1/3/2023: Get your questions answered at one of our informational Zoom sessions.

11/16/2022: The application for the fall 2023 class of McDermott Scholars is now open! See below for information on eligibility as well as the link to the application and instructions.

Eligibility for review of your McDermott Application will be determined by three required factors:

  1. Submit a complete UT Dallas admission application (with supplemental documentation) by 12/1/2022*
  2. Be academically competitive** among those admitted to UT Dallas after applying by 12/1/2022 for admission
  3. Receive an Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES) offer from UT Dallas

*We strongly suggest applying before the deadline to maximize chances for eligibility.

**Competitive applicants are typically among the top tenth of UT Dallas’s applicant pool by academics (evidenced by performance in high school – GPA, overall grades in academic coursework and trends in achievement, strength of curriculum based on what is offered by their institution, etc.). Typically, almost a third of admitted students are awarded an Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES), and to qualify for McDermott, you must first be offered an AES Award.

In addition to the above eligibility criteria, the applicant will need to:

  1. Submit the online McDermott Application along with two recommendations (also submitted through McDermott online system*)
  2. Accept the university's offer of admission and any relevant scholarship and financial aid awards by stated deadlines (accepting admission and aid/award offers is not a binding agreement to enroll at UT Dallas - see https://www.utdallas.edu/accept/)

*The first two recommendations received (one from each of two recommenders) will be reviewed.

McDermott Application Instructions and Link

Selection Process Timeline

By March 20, the McDermott Scholars Program will designate a group of finalists to continue in the selection process. That week, Finalists will attend several virtual forum sessions with McDermott staff, scholars, and alumni before recording an asynchronous interview online. Once interviews are complete, a final selection will take place and offers will be sent by the end of March. Offerees are strongly encouraged to attend the Offeree Campus Visit in April.

We are looking for

  • Continual learners inside and outside of the classroom
  • Persistent leaders who positively empower others toward achieving shared goals
  • Habitual servers that use their time and talents for the benefit of others

We welcome

  • All experiences of learning, leading, and serving wherever they occur – including at home and at work, not just those experiences typically mentioned in applications
  • Personal contexts, like family responsibilities or the need to work, that shape other activities

We keep in mind that

  • Every applicant is much more than what their transcript and activities – or any application form – can reveal
  • The pandemic has affected many opportunities and activities