UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Master of Science in Geosciences

Up until recently, when the MS degree in the Geosciences was clearly the “degree of choice,” an advanced degree in Geosciences allowed the degree owners to pursue opportunities in a wide range of geoscience-related professions, including the extractive C-based energy industry, but ALL of that has changed. Opportunities in the general realm of environmental systems remain very strong. In addition, with an advanced degree, degree owners can expand their horizons to different realms, including business and law. Upon successful completion of the MS in Geoscience degree program, UT Dallas graduates will expand their prior training and education with specialist knowledge and advance their understanding in relevant scientific areas including, but not limited to, geophysics, tectonics, hydrology, environmental geoscience, and geoscience education. Graduates' skills include:

  • Broad and expansive knowledge of geophysics, earth history, environmental geochemistry, tectonics
  • Methodological skills in experimental and computational techniques applied to research questions in select aspects of the geosciences
  • Ability to work in teams in diverse settings under a range of circumstances
  • Ability to communicate scientific ideas and concepts in oral and in written form
  • Advanced ability to apply critical thinking and quantitative skills to solve complex problems