UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Bachelor of Science in Geosciences

The BS in Geosciences degree program provides students with a broad introduction to the geosciences and includes a rigorous scientific education in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Upon successful completion of the BS in Geoscience degree program, UT Dallas graduates will receive a basic foundation in geoscience to prepare them for graduate studies in geoscience, for entrance way professional careers in several geoscience areas, for secondary school teaching, and for employment as research assistants in government, and environmental science laboratories. Graduates' skills include:

  • Broad knowledge base of geology with demonstrated ability to describe and analyze the major concepts and empirical findings in modern geoscience investigations, with an emphasis on geophysics, tectonics, environmental geochemistry, and earth history, with a sufficiently quantitative background. This knowledge base includes a firm grasp of the important concept of anthropologic-induced global climate change and the impending challenges facing all Earth’s biologic systems.
  • Practical knowledge and experience in modern geoscience research methods with high level ability to define, apply and communicate basic modern geoscience research methods, including data analysis and interpretation
  • Ability to work in teams in diverse settings in different circumstances
  • Ability to recognize strong communication skills regarding scientific ideas and concepts expressed in oral and in written form
  • Advanced ability to apply critical thinking and quantitative skills to solve complex problems: critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and knowledge of geoscience principles to analyze and solve problems