UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Upon successful completion of the BA degree in Biology, UT Dallas graduates will receive a basic foundation in modern biology with liberal arts emphasis to enable more diverse academic training in other disciplines. With qualitative and quantitative skills and experience in laboratory techniques, a biology degree opens the door to many career possibilities. Specific knowledge and technical skills in biological sciences can make the biology degree majors strong applicants for a broad range of jobs in academia, industry, and government agencies (FDA, EPA, DNR, FBI, NASA, USDA). Opportunities span markets in healthcare (medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, nursing, optometry, etc.), pharmaceutical science, agricultural science, veterinary medicine, environmental science, nutrition and food science, forensic science, as well as in science journalism, consulting and counseling. Research skills and knowledge to design, execute, evaluate and communicate scientific studies are particularly sought in fast-growing fields of biotechnology and biomedical industries. Graduates' skills include:

  • Broad knowledge base of biology with demonstrated ability to describe and analyze the major concepts and empirical findings in modern biology, with an emphasis on genetics and molecular and cell biology
  • Practical knowledge and experience in modern molecular biology research methods with demonstrated ability to define, apply and communicate basic modern molecular biology research methods, including data analysis and interpretation
  • Ability to work in teams in diverse settings
  • Advanced ability to solve complex problems: critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and knowledge of molecular biological principles to analyze and solve problems