UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management - Executive Education

Upon successful completion of the MS in Supply Chain Management our graduates demonstrate proficiency in managing a firm’s operations, logistics, distributions, purchasing and sourcing function, work with product development to design supply chain friendly products and apply Lean Six Sigma to improve the process. They will be able to:

  • Apply the key concepts associated with the design and management of industrial supply chains.
  • Integrate firm’s capabilities and resources to build and deliver products to customers on-time.
  • Utilize principles in logistics and distribution to enhance the overall business operations.
  • Adapt the principles and techniques to develop new solutions in changing business environments specifically in Logistics distribution and network design.
  • Develop purchasing and sourcing management process flows and formulate insourcing, outsourcing, make vs buy strategy to a product or a service.
  • Apply purchasing and sourcing concepts for cost management and negotiation purposes.
  • Apply conceptual model to the make vs buy decision and propose recommendations.
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma tools to improve product and supply chain processes