UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development - Executive Education

Upon successful completion of the MS in Leadership and Organizational Development degree program (MS LOD), our graduates will be able to demonstrate the competencies needed to make professional contributions to the implementation of sustainable individual, team, and organizational change in organizations in a way that exemplifies the very best in leadership practices. The marketable skills for the MS LOD include the ability to:

  • Demonstrate transformational leadership behaviors and characteristics that establish credibility and drive impact as a leader
  • Design evidence-based interventions for improving group, intergroup, and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Apply best practices in leading multi-level organizational change and transformation
  • Analyze change initiatives utilizing assessment tools and diagnostic methodologies
  • Motivate others in a way that builds responsibility and accountability
  • Assess the readiness for change in organizations, teams, and individuals
  • Manage stakeholders and use organizational leverage points to facilitate change outcomes