UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Accounting, "the language of business," is the basis for all measurement, analysis, and understanding of financial success. Accounting majors develop those critical foundational skills that lead toward eventual qualification for, and success with, the Uniform CPA Exam and licensing as a Certified Public Accountant. Those skills include the ability to:

  • Create financial reports for business, not-for-profit, and governmental entities.
  • Perform external (independent) audits of both public and private companies’ financial reports.
  • Analyze published financial reports and accompanying disclosures for market and industry studies as well as to support capital allocation and investment decisions.
  • Conduct internal audits of businesses and other organizations toward improving operational efficiency, assessing managerial effectiveness, and fraud detection.
  • Participate in transactional planning by providing and assuring that financial projections reflect realistic after-tax cash flow and income assumptions.