UT Dallas Marketable Skills

Doctor of Audiology

Upon successful completion of the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree program, UT Dallas students will learn, identify, and apply knowledge of hearing, behavioral, and related sciences regarding assessment and management of hearing or balance disorders across the lifespan by adhering to ethical and professional standards, promoting patient, community, and global health and well-being, and collaborating with professionals within and across disciplines at local, state, national and international levels, critically evaluating research literature in audiology and related fields, and being prepared to enter a research doctoral program if they with to pursue that career path.

  • Obtain clinical competency in assessment of auditory capabilities across the lifespan via objective and subjective evaluation of the severity of the impairment, including the psychosocial vocational, and emotional factors.
  • Obtain clinical competency in management of auditory impairment across the lifespan via technology including amplification, hearing assist technology, and cochlear implants.
  • Obtain clinical competency in assessment of balance disorders.
  • Develop skill to critically evaluate research, apply evidence-based practices in assessment and management of hearing and balance disorders, and participate in clinical research programs.