Office of the Provost

Provost's Office Staff

Office of the Provost

Inga H. Musselman

Interim Provost

PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1988

Andrew J. Blanchard

Vice Provost and Undergraduate Dean

PhD, Texas A&M University, 1977

Richard Brettell

Vice Provost

PhD, Yale University, 1977

John J. Wiorkowski

Vice Provost
Institutional Reporting

PhD, University of Chicago, 1972

Richard C. Huckaba

Associate Provost

MEd, Tennessee State University, 1980

Joseph J. Pancrazio

Associate Provost

PhD, University of Virginia, 1990

Marion K. Underwood

Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

PhD, Duke University, 1991

Blair A. Flicker

Assistant Provost

MBA, University of Texas at Dallas, 2012

Reena Schellenberg

Director, Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellows Program

MEd, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997

Heather Burge

School Fiscal Officer

Arnold Duenes

Administrative Project Coordinator III

BSEET, DeVry University, 1991

Vicki Allison Carlisle

Administrative Project Coordinator II

Dalia Sanders

Administrative Services Officer I

BS, The University of Texas at Dallas, 2015

Jill Cohn

Administrative Assistant III

BBA, University of Texas at Arlington, 1987

Cerise Gideon

Administrative Assistant I

BA, University of North Texas, 2016

Josh Weatherly

Accountant II

BS, University of Texas at Dallas, 2012

Alejandro Lazos

Accountant I

BS, University of Texas at Dallas, 2016

Alexander "Web" Pierce

Director of Academic Data Services

BBA, Texas A&M University, 2008

Academic Programs and Planning

Paul F. Diehl

Associate Provost

PhD, The University of Michigan, 1983

Margaret Fair

Program Coordinator

PhD, University of North Texas, 1995

Edward J. Harpham

Associate Provost and Dean of Honors College
Archer Center, Collegium V, Honors College, Terry Scholars

PhD, Cornell University, 1980

Karen Huxtable

Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning; Senior Lecturer III, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

PhD, The Ohio State University, 1995

Abby R. Kratz

Associate Provost

EdD, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, 2005

Christina McGowan

Administrative Project Coordinator I

BS, Southwest Missouri State University, 2000

Nicole Leeper Piquero

Associate Provost

PhD, University of Maryland, 2001

Beverly B. Reed

Administrative Assistant II

BS, University of Southern Mississippi

Michael B. Seeligson

Assistant Provost

JD, University of Virginia, 2009

Institutional Effectiveness

Serenity Rose King

Assistant Provost for Policy and Program Coordination and SACSCOC Liaison
UT System and THECB liaison, New programs, SACSCOC accreditation, Assessment

MA, The University of Texas at Dallas, 2006

Jessica Murphy

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Director

PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2009

Gloria Shenoy

Director of Assessment
Academic and non-academic assessment

PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013

Michele Lockhart

Director of Programs and Accreditation

PhD, Texas Woman’s University, 2010

Mary Jo Venetis

SACSCOC accreditation, Substantive Change Policy

PhD, University of North Texas, 2008

Michael Carriaga

Accreditation and Assessment Coordinator
Academic, General Education, and QEP assessment; International dual degree programs

PhD, University of Texas at Dallas, 2013

Vy Trang

Administrative Associate

MBA, University of Texas at Dallas, 2009

Web Applications and Technology

Simon A. Kane

Assistant Provost

MFA, The University of Texas at Dallas, 2010

Robert Leeper

Web Coordinator
Designer, Website Management

BBS, Hardin-Simmons University, 2005

Ramona Metcalf

Web Specialist
Faculty Jobs, Website Management

MLS, Texas Woman's University, 2005

Rosa L. Thompson

Administrative Assistant II
Course Evaluations, Faculty Records

BA, University of Virginia, 1988

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