Past Workshops by the Office of Assessment

Course Mapping

November 2015

With members of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, we discussed using assessment to improve teaching and learning. In particular, we explored using mapping to aid.

Assessing Learning Outcomes

February 2016, September 2016

Thanks to the audience of 40 from Electrical Engineering (ECS), Biology (NSM), Public & Nonprofit Management (EPPS), Science/Math Education (NSM), Humanities-Studies in Literature (AH), Undergraduate Studies (NSM), Math (NSM), Biological Sciences (NSM), Chemistry (NSM), Physics (NSM), Mechanical Engineering (ECS), Accounting (JSOM), GIS (EPPS), Arts & Technology (ATEC), Cognition & Neuroscience (BBS), Humanities-History of Ideas (AH), Public Policy & Political Economy (EPPS), Public Affairs (EPPS), Information Technology & Management (JSOM), Sociology (EPPS) and Economics (EPPS).

October 2015

With an audience of 30, participants learned about ways to be transparent in assignment design, peer reviewed one another’s assignments, thought about curriculum mapping, and were shown a number of direct/indirect and formative/summative assessments.

Thanks to all those that came! Faculty were represented from Accounting (JSOM), Arts and Performance (AH), Arts and Technology (ATEC), Biology (NSM), Chemistry (NSM), Criminology (EPPS), Executive Education (JSOM), Finance (JSOM), Geospatial Information Science (EPPS), Information Technology and Management (JSOM), International Management Studies (JSOM), MBA (JSOM), Physics (NSM), Supply Chain Management (JSOM)

Learning Outcomes

August 2015, December 2015, March 2016, August 2016

Forty faculty joined in a conversation about how to write good, measurable learning outcomes and discussed why it is important to make the implicit explicit.

Thanks to all those that came in August 2015. Faculty were represented from Arts and Performance (AH), Arts and Technology (ATEC), Biology (NSM), Chemistry (NSM), Electrical Engineering (ECS), EPPS, Geosciences (NSM), Mathematics (NSM), Science Education (NSM) Physics (NSM), Systems Engineering (ECS/JSOM), Neuroscience (BBS)

Thanks to all those that came in December 2015. We had 70 people and faculty were represented from Art and Performance (A&H), Arabic (A&H), Communications (A&H), Psychology (BBS), Economics (EPPS), Mechanical Engineering (ECS), Biological Sciences (NSM), Math (NSM), Operations Management (JSOM), Accounting (JSOM), Healthcare Management (JSOM), Organizations, Strategy and International Management (JSOM), Executive MBA (JSOM), Information Technology and Management (JSOM), Finance (JSOM), Marketing (JSOM), Healthcare Management/Administration (JSOM), Business Administration (JSOM), Information Systems (JSOM), Entrepreneurship (JSOM), Energy Management (JSOM), Systems Engineering and Management (ECS/JSOM), Managerial Economics (JSOM) and Supply Chain Management (JSOM).

Using Collected Assessment Data

April 2016, October 2016

In this hour long conversation we discussed how to use what is collected for continuous improvement, frameworks of use, and what other institutions are doing with their data.

Thank you to all of those who came in April 2016. We had 50 faculty, staff and graduate students represented from Accounting (JSOM), Applied Cognition & Neuroscience (BBS), Bioengineering (ECS), Biological Sciences (NSM), Cognitive Science (BBS), Economics (EPPS), Executive Education (JSOM), Finance (JSOM), Information Systems (JSOM), Interdisciplinary Studies (IS), International Management Studies (JSOM), Management (JSOM), Materials Science & Engineering (ECS), Mechanical Engineering (ECS), NSM, Physics (NSM), Project Management (JSOM), Psychology (BBS), Public & Nonprofit Management (EPPS), Operations Management (JSOM), Organizational Behavior & Executive Coaching (JSOM), Organizations, Strategy & International Management (JSOM), Studies in Literature (A&H), Systems Engineering (ECS) and Systems Engineering & Management (JSOM).

10 in 10 Series

Summer 2016

The 10 in 10 series featured 10 videos that are 10 minutes or fewer covering topics to help individuals think about engaging students and other classroom techniques. Topics covered ranged from metacognition to the first five minutes of class to identifying bottlenecks in your class. This was co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning. We plan on doing this again next summer.

Quality Assessment Data Workshop

November 2016

Participants learned how to collect quality assessment data. Topics discussed included validity, reliability, and rubrics.

Flipped Classroom & Team-Based Cooperative Learning

April 2018

In this hands-on workshop, we experienced the flipped classroom instructional technique through group cooperative learning to understand how to transform the classroom from a performance space into a learning space. We had nine staff members and graduate students represented from The Office of Research, Library, Office of Assessment, Art and Humanities, and Engineering and Computer Science.