UT Dallas Office of Undergraduate Education

Arts and Humanities

To minor in the Arts and Humanities, students must take a minimum of 18 hours for the minor, 12 of which must be upper-division hours. Core courses offered by the school may count as lower-division hours toward the minor. The minors in the School of Arts & Humanities follows:

Minor in Art History

Minor in Asian Studies

Language Courses (Students must enroll in a minimum of two sequential classes in either Chinese or Japanese)

Related Courses

Minor in Creative Writing

Genre courses (A minimum of two genres are required):

Minor in Drama/Dance

Theatre/Dance Historical study- lower level: (3 hours selected from the following):

Performance and Technical Study: (9 hours total hours):

(3 hours required- selected from the following):

(6 hours selected from the following, no more than 3 hours at the lower level):

Theatre/Dance historical and performance and Design studies- (6 hours Upper level):

(3 hours selected from the following):

(3 additional hours to be selected from options above or below):

Minor in Global Communication and Leadership

Culture and Communication courses (6 hours):

Applied Communication courses (3 hours required):

Global Vision cluster (3 hours required):

Leadership Cluster (6 hours required):

Minor in History

European Historical Studies:

Asian, African and Latin American Studies:

American Historical Studies:

Studies in Philosophy and Intellectual History:

Minor in Literature

Literary Genres:

English and American Literature:

General Literature Course Descriptions:

Minor in Medical and Scientific Humanities

Minor in Music

Lower-division courses (six hours required):

Upper-division courses (twelve hours required):

Performance and Ensemble courses (six hours required):

Upper Division History and Theory Courses (six hours required):

Minor in Performing Arts

Minor in Philosophy

Minor in Spanish and Hispanic Area Studies

Students must enroll in four classes at the 3000/4000 level:

Minor in Visual Arts

Arts Foundations (3 hours):

Art History Foundations (3 hours):

Studio Courses (12 hours):