UT Dallas Undergraduate Advising

Minors in Arts and Humanities

To minor in the Arts and Humanities, students must take a minimum of 18 hours for the minor, 12 of which must be upper-division hours. Core courses offered by the school may count as lower-division hours toward the minor. The minors in the School of Arts & Humanities follows:

Minor in Music

The Minor in Music consists of six hours of lower-division courses plus twelve hours of upper-division courses. The lower-division courses are three hours each of music history and music theory courses. The upper-division requirements are six hours of music performance and/or ensemble courses and three hours each of music history and/or music theory courses. Students may repeat courses for the credit hours allowed in the catalog. Students may substitute upper level courses for lower level requirements.

Lower-division courses (six hours required):
MUSI 1306 Understanding Music or MUSI 2322 Music in Western Civilization
MUSI 2328 Music Theory I
Upper-division courses (twelve hours required):
Performance and Ensemble courses (six hours required):
MUSI 3316 Guitar Ensemble II
MUSI 3318 String Orchestra
MUSI 3320 Wind Ensemble II
MUSI 3380 Guitar II
MUSI 3381 Instrumental Ensemble II
MUSI 3382 Vocal Instruction II
MUSI 3385 Chamber Singers I
MUSI 3386 Jazz Ensemble II
MUSI 3387 Jazz Improvisation & Keyboard
MUSI 3388 Piano II
MUSI 4312 Chamber Music Ensemble
MUSI 4316 Guitar Ensemble III
MUSI 4320 Wind Ensemble III
MUSI 4345 Music Performance III
MUSI 4346 Instrumental Ensemble III
MUSI 4347 Vocal Ensemble III
MUSI 4349 Advanced Chamber Music Ensemble
MUSI 4385 Chamber Singers II
MUSI 4386 Jazz Ensemble III
MUSI 4V61 Individual Instruction in Vocal Performance
MUSI 4V71 Advanced Orchestra/Chamber Music
Upper Division History and Theory Courses (six hours required):
MUSI 3322 Music in Historical Context
MUSI 3323 The Guitar: Medieval to Modern
MUSI 3324 Jazz History: Roots to Swing
MUSI 3325 Jazz History: Bop through Jazz
MUSI 3328 Music Theory II
MUSI 3342 Topics in Music
MUSI 3389 Digital Music II
MUSI 4348 Creating Music