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Minors in Interdisciplinary Studies

Minors offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies are available to students in all majors except for students taking the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no minor offered in Interdisciplinary Studies. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies are encouraged to take any minor offered by any school at the University. Students may also contact the academic advisor in their major for a list of the courses that satisfy each minor. Minors available within the School of Interdisciplinary Studies are:

Minor in Health Care Studies

Students must complete a minimum of 18 semester credit hours from the requirements below (12 of which must be upper level hours) and are responsible of completing all prerequisite courses.

Student must complete:
BIS 4v04 Internship (1-3 hours)
HLTH 1100 Pre-Health Career Exploration
HLTH 3100 Pre-Health Professional Development
HLTH 3101 Medical Terminology
At least one of the Historical, Legal and Philosophical Foundations:
HIST 3328 History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
PHIL 4320 Medical Ethics
PHIL 4321 Philosophy of Medicine
PSCI 4365 Law and Medicine
At least one of the following Biological Foundations:
BIOL 3370 Exercise Physiology
BIOL 3455 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I (4 semester hours)
BIOL 3456 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab II (4 semester hours)
HLTH 1322 Human Nutrition
ISIS 3306 Human Female: Biology and Culture
ISIS 3308 Bones, Bodies, and Disease
NSC 3344 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
NSC 4356 Neurophysiology
NSC 4366 Neuroanatomy
At least one of the Psychological, Social and Economic Foundations:
ECON 3330 Economics of Health
PSY 4328 Health Psychology
PSY 4346 Human Sexuality
SOC 4371 Mental Health and Illness
SOC 4372 Health and Illness
SPAN 3341 Medical Spanish
HMGT 6320 The American Healthcare System (requires special permission)