UT Dallas Undergraduate Advising

Minors in Interdisciplinary Studies

Minors offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies are available to students in all majors except for students taking the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no minor offered in Interdisciplinary Studies. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies are encouraged to take any minor offered by any school at the University. Students may also contact the academic advisor in their major for a list of the courses that satisfy each minor. Minors available within the School of Interdisciplinary Studies are:

Minor in Gender Studies

Students MUST complete:
GST 2300 Introduction to Gender Studies (Same as SOC 2300)
Select TWO courses from:
GST 3301 Psychology of Gender
GST 3302 Gender in Western Thought (Same as HIST 4361)
GST 3303 Gender, Society and Politics (Same as SOC 3354)
Elective Courses (select 9 hours):
AHST 4342 Topics in Art History- Venus to Vampire: Women in Art
AMS 3300 American Popular Culture
AMS 4360 Rebels and Reformers: Women and Alcohol in America (Same as GST 4360)
BIS 4V04 Internship (1-6 semester hours) Note topic must be gender related
CRIM 3324 Gender, Crime and Justice
GST 4311 Gender and Education
GST 4325 Motherhood and the Technological Womb
GST 4360 Rebels and Reformers: Women and Alcohol in America
GST 4379 Topics in Gender Studies
GST 4380 Women, Work and Family (Same as SOC 4380)
HIST 3324 Women in European Society
HIST 3366 Themes in the Social History of the United States
HIST 3384 U.S. Women from Settlement to Present
HIST 4360 Topics in American Women's History
ISIS 3312 Women in Management
ISIS 3306 Human Female: Biology and Culture
LIT 3327 Mid Twentieth-Century American Literature
LIT 3380 Studies in Women's Literature
PSCI 3353 Law and Gender
PSCI 4364 Civil Rights Law and Society
PSY 3324 Psychology of Gender (Same as GST 3301)
PSY 3338 Adolescence
PSY 4345 Violence in the Family
PSY 4346 Human Sexuality
SOC 3343 Sociology of the Family
SOC 3352 Gender Roles
SOC 3354 Gender, Society, and Politics (Same as GST 3303)
SOC 4355 Social Movements
SOC 4375 Gender and Work
SOC 4380 Women, Work and Family (Same as GST 4380)