UT Dallas Undergraduate Advising

Minors in Arts and Humanities

To minor in the Arts and Humanities, students must take a minimum of 18 hours for the minor, 12 of which must be upper-division hours. Core courses offered by the school may count as lower-division hours toward the minor. The minors in the School of Arts & Humanities follows:

Minor in Drama/Dance

Required courses: 18 hours, at least 12 of which must be upper division.

Theatre/Dance Historical study- lower level: (3 hours selected from the following):
DANC 1310 Understanding Dance
DANC 2V71 Independent Study in Dance (1-3 semester hours)
DRAM 1310 Understanding Theater
DRAM 2V71 Independent Study in Drama (1-3 semester hours)
Performance and Technical Study: (9 hours total hours):
(3 hours required- selected from the following):
DANC 3345 Dance Performance
DANC 4317 Dance Performance 2
DANC 3347 Dance Composition
DRAM 3310 Theater/Performance Ensemble
DRAM 3325 Directing and Producing
(6 hours selected from the following, no more than 3 hours at the lower level):
DANC 2311 Topics in Dance
DANC 2321 Stretch, Conditioning, Alignment
DANC 2331 Dance Technique 1
DANC 2332 Modern Dance 1
DANC 2333 Jazz Dance 1
DANC 2334 Ballet 1
DRAM 3324 Technical Theater 2
DANC 3332 Dance Technique 2
DANC 3333 Modern Dance 2
DANC 3334 Jazz Dance 2
DANC 3335 Ballet Dance 2
DRAM 1351 Acting 1
DRAM 1352 Acting 2
DRAM 2311 Topics in Theater
DRAM 2364 Musical Theater Workshop
DRAM 2371 Technical Theater 1
DRAM 2373 Languages of the Body
DRAM 2372 Improvisation
Theatre/Dance historical and performance and Design studies- (6 hours Upper level):
(3 hours selected from the following):
DANC 3340 Dance in Historical Context
DRAM 3351 Light Design
DRAM 3323 Performance in Historical Context
DANC 3342 Topics in Dance
DRAM 3342 Topics in Theater
(3 additional hours to be selected from options above or below):
DANC 4313 Dance Technique 3
DANC 4318 Dance Technique 4
DANC 4V71 Independent Study in Dance (1-3 semester hours)
DRAM 3356 Acting 3