UT Dallas Undergraduate Advising

Minors in Arts and Humanities

To minor in the Arts and Humanities, students must take a minimum of 18 hours for the minor, 12 of which must be upper-division hours. Core courses offered by the school may count as lower-division hours toward the minor. The minors in the School of Arts & Humanities follows:

Minor in Creative Writing

Courses that satisfy the Creative Writing minor are listed below. The minor in Creative Writing requires students to have completed CRWT 2301 and a minimum of 15 hours of upper division creative writing coursework. A minimum of two genres must be included, and at least 3 hours must be in advanced coursework. No more than 3 hours of the 18 may be completed in Independent Study coursework.

Students are responsible for completing all prerequisite courses.

CRWT 2301 Introductory Creative Writing
Genre courses (A minimum of two genres are required):
CRWT 2V71 Independent Study in Creative Writing
CRWT 3307 Creating Short Stories
CRWT 3308 Creating Nonfictions
CRWT 3351 Creating Poetry
CRWT 3360 Art Criticism
CRWT 4307 Creating Short Stories: Advanced
CRWT 4353 Creating Poetry: Advanced
CRWT 4354 Creating Play, Movie, and Television Scripts
CRWT 4V71 Independent Study in Creative Writing