UT Dallas Faculty Handbook

Resources for New Faculty Members

New faculty members face an onslaught of new faces, new information, new procedures, and students all within a few days of their arrival on campus. The materials below are provided to help faculty members navigate through the tide of requirements that face them as they begin their association with UT Dallas.

One useful document for new faculty is the New Employee Checklist, available on the Human Resources website. New faculty are required to attend both New Employee Orientation (HR) and New Faculty Orientation, held in August of each year. Because UT Dallas is a state-affiliated agency, the definitions used to classify Veteran status and ethnic/racial status are included here to help new faculty complete their new employee paperwork with less difficulty.

New faculty members are likely interested in the details of the benefits package available to them as a member of the university community; this information is available on the UT System website.

The Office of Strategic Planning and Analysis offers a bounty of useful information about the university, its history, its programs, and its student populations. For the new faculty member, particularly useful is the University Profile.