UT Dallas Faculty Handbook

Faculty Benefits at UT Dallas

A complete summary of the UT System benefits is available on the UT System website.

Insurance and Retirement Eligibility

As an employee of The University of Texas System at Dallas appointed half-time or more for four and one-half months or more, you are eligible for participation in a comprehensive group benefits program and eligible to receive State medical cost premium sharing. The group benefits program includes: a self-insured medical plan; dental, vision care, term life, and personal accident insurance; long-term care; short-term and long-term disability; and UTFLEX, a pre-tax reimbursement account. Information about these plans is available on-line at http://www.utsystem.edu/benefits/.

Basic Coverage

UT is required by State statute to provide full-time employees a mandated benefits package known as Basic Coverage that includes:

  • UT Select Medical Plan w/Prescription Drug Coverage (subscriber only)
  • $20,000 Basic Life Insurance (subscriber only)
  • $20,000 Personal Accident Insurance (subscriber only)

The State of Texas and UT pay the Basic Coverage premiums.

A new full-time employee is automatically covered from the first of the month. This package of coverage may be changed by the employee to any other coverage desired during the first 31 days of employment or during the annual enrollment period. Note: To enroll in some coverages after the first 31 days, evidence of insurability may be required (see below).

Part-time employees are not automatically enrolled in the Basic Coverage. A new part-time employee must elect the basic coverage or any optional insurance coverage. Insurance coverage for part-time employees is only provided when a part-time employee elects coverage.

Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is the documentation of a person’s historical health events. EOI is used by insurance companies to determine whether a person meets the definition of good health. Following an employee’s initial 31-day benefit election period, an EOI application is required when adding employee medical coverage, adding previously eligible dependents, increasing employee life insurance, electing optional spouse life insurance and adding long-term or short-term disability. Because of this health requirement, you should carefully consider your initial choices.

Premium Sharing

The amount the State of Texas and UT pays for you and your dependents is called Premium Sharing. This amount is set by the Legislature every biennium. The level of Premium Sharing an employee receives depends on the medical coverage level and percent appointment.

The State premium sharing program provides a contribution toward your monthly medical insurance premium. There are two Premium Sharing categories: Full-time (working 40 hours/week) and Part-time (working less than 40 hours/week but at least 20 hours/week). For full-time employees, the State pays all of the employee medical premium cost and 50% of the dependent’s cost. For part-time employees, the State pays 50% of the employee medical premium cost and 25% of the dependent’s cost.

If an employee is eligible to waive medical coverage, one half of the employee only Premium Sharing level may be used to purchase optional coverage. Other than as part of the basic package, this is the only time Premium Sharing dollars can be used for group term life, personal accident insurance, or vision care.