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Tenure-track Faculty Position in Neotectonics/Surface Processes (pnb130816)

The Department of Geosciences has open tenure-track faculty positions in the field of basin analysis, Earth resources, and neotectonics/surface processes. These positions are preferentially open at the Assistant Professor level but highly qualified candidates will be considered for Associate Professor or Professor level appointments. The positions are to be filled during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Basin Analysis Position: The successful candidate should have principal interests in fundamental processes of sedimentary basin architecture and evolution, and in the application of basin analysis to energy and environmental issues.

Earth Resources Position: This position is broadly defined to include expertise in any facet of carbon-based energy sources or base, precious metals or rare earth elements.

Neotectonics/Surface Processes Position: Candidates expected to have research interests in tectonic geomorphology, structural geology, shallow-subsurface geophysics, and/or geochronology as applied to surface processes.

We seek individuals with the potential to develop vibrant, sustained, externally funded research programs that complement existing departmental strengths and who will contribute effectively to the Department's educational programs at the BS, BA, MS and PhD levels. These positions are part of a departmental expansion in select fields (e.g., tectonics) and all of them will play a pivotal role in the University's strategic emphasis on energy and the environment. We are seeking individuals who will complement and expand departmental strengths in structural geology, active and ancient tectonics, isotope geochemistry, geophysics, geospatial science, and computational geoscience. All three positions are critical elements in the commitment by UTD and the Geosciences Department to develop an integrated graduate research and educational program with the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. Furthermore, we plan to build upon our traditional collaboration with the petroleum and minerals industry in areas that encompass carbon dioxide sequestration and the exploration and development of petroleum and mineral resources.

The Department of Geosciences has strong and expanding undergraduate and graduate programs. UTD is a relatively young and expanding institution. It attracts very talented students (mean freshman SAT> 1200) with great diversity and is situated in a metropolitan area that is undergoing rapid growth.

Applications will be reviewed beginning September 30, 2013, but will be considered until the position is filled. Indication of gender and ethnicity for affirmative action statistical purposes is requested as part of the application.

Questions about the position should be directed to the Department Head, Professor John S. Oldow, oldow@utdallas.edu.

Applicants should submit a complete resume, a statement of research interest and the names and contact information of five professional references via the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM available below.

Posted on: Aug 16, 2013

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