UT Dallas Faculty Handbook

UT Dallas Policy Memoranda:
Academic Affairs Administration

Faculty members often work in conjunction with the Associate Deans for scheduling and policy matters. The Associate Deans for Undergraduate Education coordinate undergraduate advising within each school and provide administrative support for class scheduling. The Graduate Council, composed of the Associate Deans for Graduate Education, serves a similar function at the graduate level. Both groups of associate deans work closely with the Committee on Educational Policy to monitor academic programs and curriculum development.

Faculty members, especially at the graduate level, may have responsibility for selecting, mentoring, and evaluating graduate TAs and/or RAs. Teaching and Research Assistants and Teaching Associates are generally full-time students taking a minimum of nine semester hours each fall or spring term. Types of Graduate Assistantships, Qualifications for Assistantships, and Appointment Procedures are outlined in University Policies related to Graduate Student Teaching Assistants, Teaching Associates, and Graduate Student Research Assistants.

Faculty members also have a consultative role in the selection of certain key administrative officials at the university and in evaluation of academic administrators.

The key administrative policies related to Academic Affairs include: