UT Dallas Faculty Handbook

Research at UT Dallas

Developing research programs is a component of most departments on campus. However, there is administrative unit with the sole responsibility of overseeing, administrating and promoting research at The University of Texas at Dallas. This unit, under the Vice President for Research, has four components:

Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research promotes the mission of UT Dallas to advance excellent educational and research programs and transform ideas into actions by:

  • Providing high quality research support services that enable and encourage research excellence;
  • Promoting the university's research capabilities with state, federal and industrial stakeholders;
  • Securing funding to attract and retain high quality researchers and to enhance research infrastructure; and
  • Accelerating the transfer of ideas and inventions from the university to the marketplace.

Information about the programs offered by the Office of the Vice President for Research may be found on its website.

Office of Sponsored Projects

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is the campus hub for research contracting and grant activity. The office’s main goals are to assist faculty members in developing competitive proposals and facilitating timely submission of those proposals. Other OSP responsibilities include:

  • Providing faculty information on extramural funding sources, including state and federal government agencies and corporations;
  • Maintaining appropriate agency relationships;
  • Interpreting and explaining agency requirements;
  • Assessing university compliance with federal, state and UT System contract regulations;
  • Consulting on budget development/modification;
  • Completing agency forms;
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts;
  • Certifying federal assurance requirements;
  • Offering guidance in obtaining proper internal approvals; and
  • Assisting in the final processing and submission of proposals to award agencies.

Faculty members are encouraged to meet and communicate with their grant and contract specialist. A more detailed description of OSP’s policies, procedures and resources is in the Researcher’s Guide, available on the OSP website.

Office of Research Compliance

The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) provides information on research activities which are governed by a number of research oversight committees and federal and state statutory requirements. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties to the institution, and in some instances, to the individual. It is the responsibility of faculty and staff to be familiar with UTD policies as they relate to these research compliance areas. Information on research compliance requirements may be obtained on the ORC website.

Office of Technology Commercialization

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) is responsible for the management of all innovations and intellectual property (IP) that results from research conducted at UT Dallas. The mission of the OTC is to facilitate the evaluation, protection, and transfer of commercially viable, UT Dallas innovations for the economic, social, environmental and cultural benefit of the citizens of the region, the state of Texas and society in general. The OTC encourages and educates UT Dallas faculty, staff and students regarding the disclosure of new inventions and technologies, and works with inventors, industry partners, and investors, serving as a bridge between the university and marketplace.

IP that is eligible for protection and management by UT Dallas and falls under UT System’s intellectual property policies (Regents Rules and Regulations Series 90000) includes all inventions or other intellectual property 1) created by UT Dallas employees within the course or scope of employment (“field of expertise”), 2) created with the use of UT Dallas facilities, or equipment, or 3) developed from research conducted within the University that is supported by state funds, Federal funds or third party sponsorship.

It is important to note this policy impacts UT Dallas faculty, staff, candidates for masters or doctoral degrees and pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows. Such inventors must disclose new inventions to the OTC for evaluation and protection. The University will either opt to protect and commercialize such IP on behalf of the University and UT Dallas inventor or release it to the inventor. If the University opts to protect the IP, OTC will seek to license the intellectual property, sharing any net proceeds with the inventor(s) on a 50/50 basis. Information on the University’s intellectual property policies and procedures, including intellectual property disclosure forms, can be found on the OTC website.