Assessment Resources

Our desire to improve student learning drives assessment at UT Dallas. We have collected a few resources to help you in course planning and assessment. Please click on a heading below to expand.

  • Writing a Syllabus
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Using the Information from Assessment Reports
  • On the Importance of Faculty Involvement in Assessment
  • Glossary of Assessment Terms
  • Want to Learn More about Assessment? (External Resources)

Forms & Templates

Please visit Hyoka Assessment Tool.

Clarifications on Reports and Plans: Let’s think of a report as two parts. Part A consists of what you plan on doing this year for assessment (fill out the column labeled measure). This is also known as an Assessment Plan. Part B then looks at the past year of what you’ve done for assessment (fill out the columns labeled results and plan along with the summary sections). A full Assessment Report is part A that was filled out last year plus part B that you’re filling out this year. Each year you will hand in Part A from the current school year (Assessment Plan) and part B from the previous school year (making it an Assessment Report).

Upcoming Workshops

  • Using Collected Assessment Data Workshop
    In this hour-long conversation we will discuss how to use what is collected for continuous improvement, frameworks of use, and what other institutions are doing with their data.
  • Quality Assessment Data Workshop
    Come learn about how to collect quality assessment data. Topics include validity, reliability, and rubrics. Hands on activities will help participants stay engaged.

Note: All workshops are scheduled to be an hour long.

Past Workshops

View information and resources from previous workshops.


Gloria Shenoy
Director of Assessment
Academic and non-academic assessment